NaNo Prompt Jar

I completely bombed at the read-a-thon. I was out all day and read only chapter, i didn’t do any updates or challenges. A big fail. But i know now to better plan the next one.

All failure aside, we’re going to be doing a project today.

Who’s ready to get crafty up in this bitch?!

Come around, children. What we’re doing today is a prompt NaNo jar.

The basic idea for this is you have 30 prompts distributed at your finger tips. You draw one a day, if thats as often as needed, and you can only switch them out once, so be sure you’re putting in prompts that could be used for your story.

I found this idea on Pinterest, the original post is here.

I strongly advise that you take these into your own hands and distribute it creatively to your own individuality and produce an orginal product. Also translated into I-didnt-have-the-right-products-needed-and-ha-to-make-due-but-found-this-route-more-fun.

What You’ll Need:
A jar
Pop sickle sticks or emery boards (nail files)

*If you want to decorate your jar, extra supplies will be needed for your desires.

What To Do:
Write prompts on sticks and place in NaNo jar once decorated.

It’s pretty simple. However, if you want to take an alternate route, this is a little more time consuming. As I mentioned, I don’t have any popsickle sticks, so instead I made origami lucky stars and wrote the prompt on the strip before folding. These are very simple and I have linked the website i found the instructions on.
And i didn’t have a jar. I’m so unprepared. Wow this is so professional.

You can check out my previous post for a list of prompts to use.

Have fun getting a little crafty, get those creative juices flowing before the big day starts off!

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